"Can You Really Make $100 Commissions On Affiliate

Sales at the Push of a Button?"

If you're stuck in the belief that the only things you can sell as an affiliate are mediocre ebooks with hyped up sales letters, don't feel bad. You've been mislead.

If you've been taught to only promote affiliate products which pay 50% or higher commissions, it's time you learned the real truth to becoming a super affiliate.

Think about this for a minute: According to Reuters, In 2006, 106 MILLION digital cameras were sold. At an average sale price of $1000 and an affiliate commission of just 10%, you'd earn $100 on each camera sold. Have you ever heard of 106 MILLION people buying an ebook?

Super affiliates sell products to the masses... and the masses don't buy many ebooks online.

Want to know what they do buy? Digital cameras. MP3 Players. Computers. Power cords. Home Decor. Gardening supplies. Fitness equipment. Batteries. Golf clubs. Pet toys. Dishes, silverware, blankets, rugs, weathervanes, bird houses, exercise tapes, boxed software, makeup, perfume, jewelry, handbags, craft supplies, candles, knick knacks, collectibles. Trust me, this list is endless.

Think about things you've bought online yourself over the last year. Have you ever bought something on EBay? Have you bought Christmas presents for your kids, family, and friends online? If you're buying things like that yourself, can you imagine the MILLIONS of others who are buying these things too? This is where the REAL money is made in affiliate marketing.

I've sold fancy chandeliers... exercise machines... outdoor water fountains... trees, plants, and flowers... garden arbors and gazebos... vitamins and health supplements... batteries, cords, plugs, and chargers... tech gadgets of all shapes and sizes... pet toys, beds, and food... and plenty of other things like this that I can't remember right now.

Some of these products are low priced and I may only earn a few dollars commission from them... but MANY are priced in the thousands of dollars range, and I've made commissions from $100 - $350 and higher on just ONE sale.

Want to know a niche marketing secret most Gurus won't tell you? When you offer tangible products for sale like this already mentioned above, you end up getting FAST, DETAILED niche market information AND you're able to automatically target specific long tail keyword phrases that usually rank very high in major search engine results!

Now you can tap into these lucrative markets the hard way... sign up with one or more major affiliate networks such as Share A Sale or Commission Junction. Then sign up for specific merchants, then manually browse through (or try to search through) their product lists. Once you find a product to fit your niche, or that's priced high enough for your liking, or whatever... manually cut and paste that affiliate link code, then manually insert it into a page or blog post on your website.

Repeat that manual process for however many products you want to have on your site. Want 100 targeted and lucrative niche products? Then search, cut, and paste 100 times. Want 10,000 products? Then search, cut, and paste 10,000 times. With a lot of time and effort, you might be finished in a year or so.

Ooops. At that point you'll need to start promoting your site so the search engines know you have all this keyword rich content on it now though.

With all the technology available online today though, there's got to be a better way. Right? Sure there is! :)

One better way is to use a partially automated software program or script. There are a few of these around. They can be fairly expensive at $150 - $300 minimum, but they should pay for themselves over time. And they'll definitely save you a year of manual cutting and pasting!

Unfortunately these tools often have at least some manual work still needed. Instead of cutting and pasting one product at a time to your site, you download what's known as a datafeed file. A data feed is simply raw text formatted in a specific way, and it's meant to be used inside a database or spreadsheet program.

And most of the semi-automated software solutions out there want you to download those files - some of which can be over 50 megabytes in size, and some of which are well over 1 gig in size - then open them on your computer in a spreadsheet program. Why? Because you have to modify the raw data before their software can use it. And you have to put your affiliate link into each product.

This can definitely take a lot of time, but it shouldn't be as bad as the manual copy and paste method mentioned earlier... IF your computer is able to handle the workload. I personally have a difficult time opening such large files in a local spreadsheet program, because more often than not it's too much for my desktop or laptop computer to handle. So everything freezes up and crashes before I even get the file opened, let alone edited.

Surely there has to be an even better method than that by now though. Right? Please?!

You Betcha! Let Me Tell You...

"How to build a WordPress Website that grows automatically... mixes content to create unique posts... and can earn you money 24 hours a day"

The Story...
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Back in 2005, I went on a quest to discover or create as many hands free methods of earning money online as I possibly could. My goal was to create useful, attractive websites that sold products day in and day out, no matter where I was in the world or what I was doing. I wanted these sites to run as close to 100% on their own as I could possibly make them.

I also wanted them to be easy to build though, so I could create a new one every day if I felt like it, and eventually amass a large body of virtual property working for me.

Now I could have accomplished this goal by simply hiring outsourced freelancers to take care of all aspects of my websites and business for me. But that gets expensive and time consuming, because somebody has to manage the people and someone else needs to manage the managers. In a word, hiring too many freelancers is complicated.

My preference is to create scripts and programs which do the job of employees or freelancers instead, so I started trying out a wide variety of tools and systems which were available at the time. One of my first goals though, was to create online shopping sites using affiliate products.

I've been an affiliate marketer since around 1996 and I absolutely adore this business model. You simply promote products or services, and the affiliate merchant takes care of the rest: sales, money management, shipping, returns, customer support - all of it. I've also been an affiliate program manager off and on throughout the years, and I'd come to the realization that I enjoyed the affiliate marketing side of things much, much more.

Making money as an affiliate marketer is not very difficult at all... you just have to know and follow one rule: Promote products people want to buy.

This rule sounds deceptively simple, and it actually is... but it's also a sticking point for too many. You see, a lot of people who first start out in affiliate marketing make the mistake of trying to sell the wrong products. They'll try to sell ebooks, membership sites, and other services... most of which tend to be along the lines of "how to make money online". And while there is a great market for those products and services, the competition is huge and fierce in comparison to the market's actual size - Especially when you realize that 90% of shoppers online are looking for physical products.

Yes. People want to buy lamps, area rugs, golf clubs, pet toys, furniture, gardening tools, and much, much more. They're much more likely to buy these physical items, and they're much more likely to pay a lot of money for them too.

Now back in 2005 I couldn't find a tool or script which fit my personal affiliate marketing requirements. I wanted to build websites which sold physical products to regular consumers, and I wanted it automated. So I built my own script.

That first script created static websites automatically, using product feeds from affiliate merchants of my choosing. In other words, I took raw spreadsheet style information known as datafeeds, ran it through my script, and automatically generated product sales pages on the website of my choice.

I made one website which sold 95 different doormats, and another which sold almost 10,000 lamps. Yet another sold gardening supplies, and another one sold mailboxes. I also had a jewelry site, perfume site, handbag site, and many others too, big and small. I was in heaven!

Some of these sites had very high dollar products on them too, and I found myself making $200-$300 in affiliate commissions for just one sale at times.

Now, all scripts and programs go through various development stages. There's usually a few kinks or bugs to work out or misc tweaks and changes that are needed, and my first datafeed script was no different. It was also not as automated as I wanted it to be yet, so I set about creating another version.

The next version of my script was designed to work with WordPress: A powerful blog tool that's easily used as a content management system too. I loved all of the built in functionality and automation which already existed in WordPress, so I set about creating a datafeed tool that would work with it instead of on a stand alone static site.

Thus, in 2006 The Affiliate Datafeed Profit System (ADPS) was born. And it was amazing. It was rough, raw, and not too pretty at first. And all it did was import affiliate datafeed products into the WordPress database. Each "post" in WordPress was a product sales page.

I wasn't too thrilled with that aspect of things of course though, because there was nothing to help those product pages stand out from the crowd. Anyone else using the same affiliate datafeed had almost an exact same page on their site too. And at the time Google was cracking down on so called "thin" affiliate sites, so I had to do more than just those basics.

That's when I created my "Deluxe" version of this WordPress tool. The Affiliate Datafeed Profit System Deluxe version actually integrated quite a few techniques that were amazingly powerful and useful. First of all, instead of putting just one product in a WordPress post, it put multiple products together in a comparison type of style. The system allowed users to provide minimum and maximum settings too actually, so that the posts would have different numbers of items in them each time. Some posts might have just two products in them for instance, while others might have as many as five.

Another powerful feature I added to the tool was random post times, and future publishing. You see in WordPress, you can post date an entry so that it will be published sometime in the future. Many people refer to this as "drip feeding". You schedule multiple future posts, and your blog will "automatically" update according to a set schedule. My future postings were created with random time stamps too, so it would look more natural... as if the posts were being hand created each time.

But that wasn't the coolest thing about this system either. I set it up so that my datafeeds were downloaded automatically too!

You see, one of the reasons many affiliate marketers don't use datafeeds is because they can be extremely large, and this makes them time consuming and difficult to work with. Imagine downloading a file that contains 10,000 products... 50,000 products... or even 100,000 and more. Just downloading that file takes a lot of time.

And then... in most casese you have to open that HUGE file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

And then... you have to go through all the entries in the file and "clean" them up, or "prep" them for use. Cleaning and prepping the datafeed can mean a variety of things. You may have to insert your affiliate ID into each product link for instance, and you may have to remove HTML or other odd charactors from the descriptions. Sometimes you have to remove columns and information that aren't needed too.

Essentially you have to do a lot of tedious, time consuming work to the datafeed before you can even start using it.

And then... once you have this datafeed file cleaned and prepped for use... you have to upload it to your server! Another huge batch of time taken.

My Affiliate Datafeed Profit System destroyed all those issues though! It automatically retrieved the datafeed for you and put it on your server, NOT your local hard drive. Then it automatically cleaned the data too!

In other words, there was no need to download a huge file, open that in Excel, spend time getting it ready, then uploading it again to your own server. The ADPS system did it all automatically!

Now at that point in time, the Affiliate Datafeed Profit System was not quite as user friendly as most people wanted, but it did things nothing else could compare to. And I was so thrilled with how this tool turned out that I decided it was something I had to share with others. So I made it available for sale.

And I was right! As rough and raw as that early version of the ADPS was, it sold and people were downright thrilled with it!

Then I screwed up. I let myself get distracted by other people's automated tools and scripts, and I started trying all sorts of them on my other websites. Essentially I let my own amazing tool fall by the wayside while I played with junk. And even after I'd learned my lessons where junk tools and sites are concerned, I moved on to new projects instead of sticking with the proven system I already had.

Then I did the unthinkable. I let these amazingly powerful, automated datafeed websites languish and expire! I didn't want to fool with updating my tool, or making it more user friendly, or anything. So I simply stopped selling it to others, and stopped using it myself too.

Until now.

The stupidity of what I did and didn't do with The Affiliate Datafeed Profit System has been nagging at the back of my mind all this time. I realized that I've actually been brainstorming and planning the upgrades and new features for it all along, but I was ignoring this part of my mind the entire time instead of acting on it.

Last week that all changed though. I finally came to my senses and realized that putting this tool back on the market would be the best step I could take - for the benefit of my own business and for everyone else who's been asking me to sell the ADPS again too.

I didn't want to just relaunch the exact same tool though. WordPress has been upgraded since this was originally released, and there were many new features I wanted too. And now, I'm very proud to introduce you to...

The Affiliate Datafeed Profit System Version 2:
A WordPress Plugin

NEWS FLASH! Now An Even MORE Powerful Version is Available! 2.6! June 17, 2008

One of the ugliest, and most intimidating aspects of my previous version was that the script had to be opened and edited manually before it could be used. As you can imagine, this deterred a lot of people from using the tool, because they were afraid to edit a PHP file. From the beginning I knew I would have to make this tool much easier to set up, and I was fully aware that most people prefer a point and click configuration.

And finally I am proud to say, this has been done! The Affiliate Datafeed Profit System Version 2 is now a WordPress Plugin. And like all WP plugins, you simply upload the folder to your plugins directory, activate it, then go to the admin panel and set up your configuration.

It literally takes just minutes to set up!

Screenshot: Version 2.5 Quick and easy configuration & preferences settings

This a GREAT Wordpress plugin. It' works well as it is but I'm also anticipating future enhancements. Currently it only works with shareasale.com but I know Kathy will be expanding to other affiliate programs in the future. I'd grab this before it becomes a $300.00 plugin.

I setup this site in about 10 minutes and I chose a domain name that had no ranking. rehabilitation clinic

Nothing fancy, just a test. I'm able to pull in datafeeds based on keywords so if I wanted to target one specific area it's perfect. I can also match my categories with the store categories I'm promoting.

We setup a lot of blogs for customers and ADPS will be one of the strongly recommended plugins for all installs.

Even if the main focus of the blog is not affiliate promotion, the way the plugin drips content will give any blog some life and keep the search engine bots interested..

I just started with ADPS so I can't report results yet but take a look at what a datafeed can do. The following url is a test site pulling in a datafeed from shareasale.com. Whatever you think of PR, it's still nice to see page rank of 5 in less than two months. http://2012doom.com/survive/

The datafeed on the site above uses a system that isn't as sophisticated as ADPS and requires editing and manipulation of the feed. Still a nice plugin but Kathy has raised the bar.

Yes there are many products that do datafeeds. What stands out with Kathy's ADPS system is the fact there is NO editing of the datafeed required. That and the ability of targeting specific keywords and future enhancements, and the fact it only took 10 minutes to setup, make this a great investment. IMHO.


And guess what? You can have up to five merchant feeds in this version too! In the admin configuration area, simply enter the name and id of each merchant you want to use products from, and the system will automatically grab feeds for each one. And wait till you find out what it does when posting too!

Screenshot: Add up to 5 merchant feeds per site

I'll tell you about that in just a minute though.

Screenshot: New & Powerful in 2.5: Filter product posts by keywords and phrases!!

This is a powerful new feature in version 2.5 of The Affiliate Datafeed Profit System. Using this amazing tool, you can drill down to specific products for your niche.

I used the keyword lily in the above screenshot example, and this created posts with just lily related products. Here's an example of one post which was created using this filter:

And here's one I got when I used "tulip" as the keyword:
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Can you just imagine the AMAZINGLY TARGETED and PROFITABLE niche sites this will create??!!


Thanks for the great money making Wordpress Plug in. I thought version 2 was nice but I was absolutely wowed by the many new features of version 2.5. Since PPC no longer pays, this script as brought my old blogs back to life. Now many of the product pages created with ADPS are indexed in the major search engines! Not pages with the ads, but the actual ads are indexed! Nothing else I've see will accomplish this!

Michael Forey

Version 2.6 adds even more enhancements to the filters feature too! Take a look...

v2.6 Screenshot: Low Memory Mode allows ADPS to use less server RAM

v2.6 Screenshot: Dry Run & Check Filter options allow you to see the results of your filter words so you can change or correct them before posting

v2.6 Screenshot: Updated interface matches your WordPress admin theme!

Now there's many more options and preference settings inside the configuration area, but you can discover those in the comprehensive instruction manual that comes with your purchase :) For now, let's move on...

Once your configuration is finished, then you're ready to import your datafeeds. And all you do is click the "Refresh datafeeds" button!

Now you do have to get access to the datafeeds first before The ADPS can update them for you the first time. It's completely free though, and only has to be done one time. Once you have your datafeed access turned on with your merchant, you can click the "Refresh" button any time you need to update your feeds. The instructions for getting free datafeed access are in the requirements section here, as well as the install instruction file that's included with your download.

This refresh button is very powerful all by itself too! It lets you get updated datafeed files from your merchants as often as you need to. So if you're selling products from a merchant who updates their datafeed every week, you can grab the latest version of that feed every week too! Just click that refresh datafeeds button, and the script goes to work retrieving those for you!

The datafeeds are put into a temporary directory on your server, and once you're finished adding and scheduling new products on your site, the script will delete those temporary files for you so they're not hogging up server space and resources. This is even configurable, so the feeds will be kept for later if you want!

Here is where it gets astoundingly better though...

Your next step is to click the "Create Product Posts" button in your admin panel. This triggers the script to start creating posts for you.

Screenshot: Easy to Use, Just Click a Button!

And remember where I told you above, that The ADPS will put more than one product into a post for you, to help create more custom and unique content pages? Well version two takes that even further....

Now, when The ADPS creates posts for your site, it pulls products from all the merchants you have configured. And it pulls them randomly too!

Let's say you're using three merchant datafeeds on one website. With these powerful automatic functions in ADPS version 2.5, you might have one post with three products in it, each from three different merchants. Another post might have two products from the same merchant, and yet another may have four products: two from one merchant and one each from two other merchants.

The variations are exponential!

Because you can configure your site to use 1-5 merchants. And you can configure your posts to randomly choose the number of products to include, based on a minimum and maximum you create.

Even if you use the exact same merchant datafeeds on multiple websites in the exact same niche, you can end up with dramatically different content pages on each site!

Hard to believe isn't it? Well let me show you an example...

criminal attorney brooklyn. A new window opens up so you won't lose your place here. I'm using five merchant feeds on that site with the ADPS2 WordPress Plugin. The design is just a standard WordPress template I made myself last week, and it doesn't actually matter. You can use your own WP templates and designs for your sites. The demo site is running WordPress version 2.5.

Take a look at each post on that site. See how each one has different numbers of products in it? See how there are some posts with products from different merchants? Can you imagine how varied, flexible, and large this site will be over time?

And it's all automated!

I've looked long and hard - literally for years - and there is still not a single tool I can find in existance that does half of what the ADPS2 plug in does.

Let's recap what this amazing tool does....

Now the original Affiliate Datafeed Profit System sold for over $100, and that was cheap compared to how powerful it was. This ADPS2 plugin is even more powerful, more easy to set up and use, and more flexible too!

So you'd think I'd be charging a heck of a lot more than $100 for it wouldn't you? But guess what? I've decided that I want to get the ADPS2 Plugin out to the masses. I want it to be affordable for as many people as possible, so they can start building their own quality, customized, automated product sales sites too.

So to help you get your automated shopping websites going too, I'm offering The ADPS2 Plugin for the amazingly low price of just $79!

So to help you get your automated shopping websites going too, I'm offering The ADPS2 Plugin for the amazingly low price of just $79!

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Yes you read that right. For less than the price of the previous version, with more features and functionality, you can get this amazing little tool.

Be aware though: This price may go up in the future, especially as we add even more functionality and power! So be sure to get your copy right now because if you wait and come back later, you'll probably have missed out and have to pay a much higher price.

Are you ready to create more profit with your websites in an easy, almost completely hands free, automated way? Click the button below to pay just $79 one time! You can pay safely and securely through Clickbank with any major credit card or your PayPal account. And Once you've made your payment, just click the "Complete Your Order" button and you'll be taken to a page where you can immediately download your new Affiliate Datafeed Profit System Plugin!

And as always, there is absolutely NO RISK to you because I back my products 100%! So if you're not happy with this plugin within 30 days after installing it and giving it a try, you're welcome to ask for your money back.

And if you have any questions, comments, or other concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
Kathy Burns-Millyard

P.S. This is not a tactic, technique, strategy, or idea. It's an actual TOOL. A powerful tool that you can put to work in your business today, and it'll keep working for your business day in and day out without complaint!

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Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming that you will make a specific amount of money, or any money at all by using this tool. Results will vary based on the niche you choose, how well you market your website, and a variety of other factors I cannot control.

Also note: While ADPS does an excellent job of cleaning up problem datafeeds, it cannot be 100% perfect. Datafeeds are provided by the merchants through their selected affiliate networks, and sometimes the feeds are incomplete, corrupt, or too badly made to be of any use. We are not responsible for the quality of the datafeeds you choose to use. The feeds you choose to use are your responsibility. Refunds will not be honored due to poor datafeed choices you make, or problem datafeeds you encounter.

This Page Was Last Updated July 15, 2008. All content ©Kathy Burns-Millyard

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